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Frequently Asked Questions

? General

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information.

How do I book my outpatient procedures thru AHMC Appointments?

Click Book Now then choose from the available services and follow the instructions per stage.

Important notes:

Do not forget to have your valid IDs, prescription/s and pre-requested Letter of Authorization.

You may also watch our animated instructional video.


Can I ask someone else to book for me?

Yes! Just ensure to place the correct patient information, contact number and e-mail address. The contact information you place will be crucial since the system will be sending an OTP and will be texting updates and information regarding your booking.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a text message that your booking is received and is being processed. Your booking will be considered confirmed if you have received your Appointment Pass via email. If you have not received your pass, check our TRACK MY BOOKING feature to see if your booking is already completed.

How do I know where my booking is already?

You may use the My Appointments feature. There you can see the processing stage of your booking. you can request to resend a payment link and also request to resend your Appointment Pass.

How long does it take to confirm my booking and receive my Appointment pass? Can I call for a follow-up?

Our usual turn-around-time is within 24 hours. if you wish to make a follow-up, you may call our friendly contact center representatives at 8771-9000. You may also utilize below local numbers to directly access the units from 8:00AM to 5:00PM from Mondays thru Saturdays:

I do not have an e-mail. How can I book my appointment?

You may directly coordinate with the service unit you will have a procedure with and request for manual assistance. You will be given a manual Appointment Pass for the time being. We strongly encourage for you to have an e-mail or have a family member's e-mail ready for you.

How can I re-book?

You may re-book thru the My Appointments feature.

Do I need to do COVID Testing prior my procedure?

This is dependent on the units and the type of test you will be availing especially for PULMO procedures. We suggest you e-mail the units directly by clicking the option after the General FAQs.

Do you still accommodate? walk-in patients especially if the test is urgently needed?

If you wish to do your procedure immediately and can no longer wait for your booking completion. you may opt to do walk-in. We have Appointment Desks that can help you check if the servicing unit you require can accommodate you for the day.

How do I get my official receipt when I've paid online?

You will receive your procedure posting and receipt upon arrival at the hospital. Please coordinate with the Floor Manager at the front of the lobby.

If your service is drive-thru, you may receive it as well upon arrival at the drive-thru area.

It is safe to do procedures at this time of the Pandemic?

Asian Hospital and Medical Center values and prioritizes the safety of our patients and staff. Rest assured that the hospital has placed protocol to maintain social distancing no crowding and limited face-to-face exposure. This is also the reason for automating a lot of the processes usually done manually.

Can I bring a companion with me?

We highly discourage bringing of companion for your own safety as well. But we do give considerations to pregnant. elderly, PWD and pediatric patients.

How do I get my results?

The unit will inform you once your results are ready. Results are usually sent via e-mail except for cases wherein you are specifically asked to come back for the results.


Find answers and solutions to common technical issues.

I am encountering errors and am having difficulty booking. Who can I contact?

Not to worry! We have our Technical Support Team to aide you. Please call them at 8771-9000 local 8108


Got a question about method of payments? This FAQ section puts some of the most common questions.

What are your methods of payment? How do I process?

We currently have Debit/Credit Card, HMO/Insurance, Gcash, Paymaya and Cash Payment. The payment page will be seen when you book your appointment. We strongly suggest to use online payment transactions to decrease chances of paper-to-hand contact

  • Should you encounter problems with your debit/credit card, please also coordinate with your bank to ensure that our payment gateway(PesoPay) is not blocked.
  • If you will be using an HMO/Insurance for payment, please request for your Letter of Authorization (LOA) prior booking. Rest assured, we will prioritize processing LOAs with short-term validities.
  • If all else fails, you may e-mail our cashiering team at to send your LOAs post booking or notify that you will be settling on-site instead.